Grow in faith together.

Due to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, we have decided to postpone this Life Group Semester until further notice.

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Jesus, Coffee and Gal Pals

Frequency: BiWeekly

Coming together for a short devotional with coffee and breakfast!

Prayer Changes Things

Frequency: Weekly

Our purpose is to grow in the Lord by having weekly prayer. We will take prayer requests and pray for one another. We will help encourage each other in our walk in the Lord, to pray for the body of Christ as a whole, etc.

The Ironing Board

Frequency: Monthly

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." This group is for young adult men looking to cultivate and develop the potential God has in their life. We will meet monthly on a Saturday morning to share scripture, encourage one another, and search for ways to live a more impactful life!

Something Needs To Change (Book Reading)

Frequency: BiWeekly

We are going to be reading the book "Something Needs to Change: A Call to Make Your Life Count in a World of Urgent Need" by David Platt. In Something Needs to Change, Platt invites readers to come along on both the adventure of the trek, as well as the adventure of seeking answers to tough questions like, "Where is God in the middle of suffering?" "What makes my religion any better than someone else's religion?" and "What do I believe about eternal suffering?" Platt has crafted an irresistible message about what it means to give your life for the gospel--to finally stop talking about faith and truly start living it. We will be meeting biweekly to discuss the book and how it has impacted us. We will pray together after the discussion. 

I'm too busy for this LifeGroup!

Frequency: Biweekly

This group is for all that feel like you are in a constant hurry, a constant rush, and have fallen into the cultural trap of being too busy, all the time. We are uniting together to un-hurry our lives and will use principles of the Bible and the life of Jesus to do so. We will read through "The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry" by John Comer and meet Bi-Weekly to collaborate our thoughts on how to live a more spiritually rich life.

Sharing Salvation

Frequency: Monthly

To provide an open setting where anyone wanting to teach home bible studies can come and receive instruction, coaching and training. You will have the opportunity to practice and develop your teaching skills by actually teaching a home bible study in the Life Group. You will be given positive reinforcement along with constructive feedback to help build your confidence in this vital skill to winning people to Christ.

Boyz 2 Men

Frequency: Monthly

Middle school and High school guys getting together to learn how to be responsible, Godly MEN. Food, hangout, FUN!

Men on a Mission

Frequency: Weekly

Men praying for their family, church, the future of this country and the world weekly . Thursdays at 5:00 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. We plan to. grab a coffee afterwards the first Thursday of the month for a short time of fellowship.

S.T.A.Y. F.I.T. In Marriage

Frequency: Monthly

Reggie and Gwen Mclaurine are working on a brief 30 day devotional for marriages as a way of celebrating their 30 years of marriage together.

They want others to learn from their successes and mistakes. This will be a time of discussing and sharing over dinner or snacks. The group will focus together in an interactive way - 7 crucial elements that the McLaurine’s have found brought healing or harm to their marriage. Couple challenges and resources will be recommended.

Families Praying Together

Frequency: BiWeekly

Families of any size, including one, come together Tuesdays and pray at 7 o’clock twice a month.

Men’s Morning Manna

Frequency: Monthly

Men meet for prayer at 7 a.m. monthly then get breakfast and fellowship together! 

Wild at Heart

Frequency: Biweekly

God’s plan for manhood. We will see through a study of Wild at Heart also reprinted as Fathered by God (by John Eldredge) that God has an adventurous life planned for the different stages of our life. Men and or Father and sons are welcome to this time of sharpening each other.

Power Changing Prayer

Frequency: Biweekly

There is power in prayer to affect change. Let us come together and join in prayer to change our world, seek miracles, and bless others.

Understanding the Endtimes by Irvin Baxter

Frequency: Weekly

There were approximately 100 prophecies given before the first coming of Jesus to the earth. He fulfilled every single one of those prophecies to the minutest detail. No one should have missed His first coming—but most people did because they didn’t know the prophecies. Today we are living just before the Second Coming of Jesus to the earth. We don’t have 100 prophecies; we have closer to 1,000 yet the scriptures tell us that most people will miss the Second Coming. Again, this will happen because people do not know the prophecies. This Understanding the Endtime series was designed to explain the prophecies of the end time in easy-to-understand terms. Video Lessons.