Order your Key Card or Fob.

How to get your new key card or key fob.

Read the Key Agreement below, check the consent box indicating you have read all necessary information, and fill out the form.

If you apply to purchase a key card or fob by EASTER SUNDAY, you will be able to pay and pick them up at the Selah Café during the Ribbon Cutting Event on Saturday, April 7th at 2pm!

Key Agreement

Key Permissions

  • Basic access will be granted on every key purchase.
  • Access levels and after hour permissions will then be added based upon the ministry team in which you serve and your member commitment level. If you have any questions regarding key access, email

Key Card and Fob Expectations

  • It is essential that key card and fob access is only used by the owner of the key. Loaning and borrowing of the key card or fob is strictly prohibited.
  • If a key card or fob is lost or stolen, contact the church immediately by calling 812-372-3387 or email as the access will need to be deactivated immediately.
  • Replacement key cards or fobs will be the responsibility of the purchaser. The same process will need to be followed as if buying a key card or fob for the first time.